VAIO F Series Review: A Well-Rounded Business Laptop

vaio f series review

The Vaio F Series is designed for users who demand robust performance and exceptional quality. Known for its distinctive features and powerful configurations, Vaio’s laptops caters to both casual users and professionals seeking a reliable desktop replacement. Among its various models, the Vaio F16 exemplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering top-tier performance, integrating cutting-edge technology with stylish design.

Whether you’re looking for a device that excels in various business tasks or everyday computing, the Vaio F Series offers a great solution, particularly praised for its battery life and multimedia capabilities, including a Blu-ray drive.

Design and Build

Exterior Aesthetics

Vaio F Series sets itself apart with its unique and striking design. It includes a FireWire port, a rare feature in contemporary laptops, adding value for users who require specific device connectivity. The matte black lid gives it a sleek and professional appearance, while the wedge shape not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its ergonomic design.

These controls provide easy access to media playback functions, making it a joy to use for multimedia tasks. The overall design is both modern and functional, appealing to users who value both style and substance in their laptops.

Ergonomics and Portability

When it comes to ergonomics and portability, the Vaio F Series is designed with user comfort in mind. The laptop’s size and weight are substantial, reflecting its role as a desktop replacement rather than a highly portable device. Weighing in at around 6.9 pounds, it is on the heavier side, which might be a consideration if you plan to carry it around frequently.

However, the weight is justified by its robust build quality and the inclusion of high-performance components. Compared to other laptops in its category, the Vaio F Series offers a solid balance between portability and functionality, making it suitable for users who need a powerful laptop but don’t mind the extra weight for the added performance.

Display and Audio Quality

Screen Performance

Vaio F Series is equipped with a 16.4-inch full HD display that stands out for its impressive visual quality. The screen’s 1920×1080 resolution ensures sharp and clear images, making it ideal for multimedia tasks such as video editing, watching movies, and gaming.

The display’s brightness levels are sufficient for most indoor settings, and its color accuracy is notable, delivering vibrant and true-to-life colors that enhance the viewing experience. However, the glossy finish can cause reflections and glare, which might be a drawback in brightly lit environments. The viewing angles are decent, allowing you to share your screen with others without significant color distortion or loss of brightness.

Audio Capabilities

Audio quality is a critical aspect of the Vaio F Series’ appeal as a multimedia laptop. The built-in speaker system provides clear and powerful sound, suitable for both casual listening and more immersive multimedia experiences. While the speakers deliver a reasonable volume and clarity for their size, they might lack the deep bass that audiophiles seek.

Nonetheless, the overall sound quality is good enough for everyday use, whether you are watching movies, playing games, or listening to music. The inclusion of dedicated audio enhancement software further improves the multimedia experience, allowing you to customize sound settings to suit your preferences.

Keyboard and Touchpad


The Vaio F Series features a full-sized keyboard that provides a comfortable typing experience. The keys are well-spaced and have a slightly concave shape, which helps in accurate and quick typing. The tactile feedback is satisfying, with a moderate key travel that strikes a balance between responsiveness and comfort, making it suitable for extended typing sessions. Additionally, the keyboard is backlit, a feature that enhances usability in low-light environments. The backlighting is adjustable, allowing you to set the brightness level according to your preference, ensuring you can work efficiently regardless of the lighting conditions.


The touchpad on the Vaio F Series is generously sized, providing ample space for multi-finger gestures. It supports multi-touch capabilities, which include two-finger scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, and three-finger swipes, enhancing the overall user experience. The surface of the touchpad is smooth, allowing for precise cursor movements. The integrated mouse buttons are responsive and provide a distinct click without being too noisy. Overall, the touchpad performs well, offering accuracy and ease of use that complement the high-end nature of the laptop.


Processor and Speed

At the heart of the Vaio F Series lies the powerful Intel Core i7 processor. This high-performance CPU ensures that the laptop can handle demanding tasks with ease, whether it’s multimedia editing, complex computations, or running multiple applications simultaneously. The integration of the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics card further enhances the laptop’s capabilities, providing robust support for graphic-intensive applications.

This combination of CPU and GPU ensures that the Vaio F Series delivers swift and efficient performance, making it a reliable desktop replacement for power users. Whether you are working on 3D rendering, video editing, or gaming, you can expect smooth and responsive performance from this laptop.

Gaming and Graphics

The Vaio F Series is not just about productivity; it also excels in gaming performance. The Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics card, coupled with the Core i7 processor, provides a solid foundation for gaming. Games like World of Warcraft and Far Cry 2 run smoothly on medium to high settings, delivering an enjoyable gaming experience.

The laptop’s cooling system effectively manages heat during intensive gaming sessions, ensuring consistent performance without throttling. While it may not be a dedicated gaming laptop, the Vaio F Series holds its own in this arena, making it a versatile option for both work and play.

Connectivity and Expansion

Variety and Type of Ports

The Vaio F Series comes equipped with a comprehensive selection of ports that ensure compatibility with various peripherals and external devices. It includes multiple USB ports, with at least one being a high-speed USB 3.0 port, which significantly reduces data transfer times compared to USB 2.0.

The presence of an HDMI port allows for seamless connection to external displays and HDTVs, enhancing your multimedia viewing experience. Additionally, the VGA port offers an alternative for connecting to older monitors and projectors, making the laptop versatile in both modern and legacy setups.

Expansion Capabilities

For users who require additional storage or want to expand the laptop’s capabilities, the Vaio F Series offers easy access to internal components. The laptop’s design allows for straightforward upgrades to RAM and storage, ensuring that it can evolve with your needs over time. This makes it an excellent choice for users who anticipate needing more power or storage in the future, as they can upgrade the laptop rather than replace it entirely.

Battery Life

Under typical usage scenarios, such as web browsing, word processing, and video playback, the Vaio F Series delivers a respectable battery life. Users can expect around 4 to 5 hours of use on a single charge, which is decent for a laptop of its class. However, during more demanding tasks such as gaming or intensive multimedia editing, the battery life can drop significantly, sometimes lasting only 2 to 3 hours. This reduction is understandable given the power-hungry components, such as the Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M GPU.

Multimedia Playback

For users who prioritize multimedia playback, the Vaio F Series offers a reliable performance. Watching HD videos or streaming content provides a satisfactory battery life, making it suitable for entertainment on the go. The inclusion of a Blu-ray drive is a significant advantage, allowing you to enjoy high-definition movies without needing an external player. However, as with other intensive tasks, prolonged Blu-ray playback will also shorten the battery duration.

Gaming and Intensive Use

When it comes to gaming, the Vaio F Series’ battery life is understandably shorter. High-performance gaming laptops generally require more power, and the F Series is no exception. During gaming sessions, especially with graphically demanding titles, users should expect to stay plugged in for the best experience. The battery life in gaming mode typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours, which, while limited, is common for laptops in this performance bracket.

Software and Applications

The software and applications pre-installed on the Vaio F Series enhance its usability and overall user experience. has included a suite of tools and programs that cater to multimedia enthusiasts and professionals alike, ensuring that the laptop is ready to handle a variety of tasks straight out of the box.

Pre-installed Software

Vaio F Series is equipped with a robust selection of pre-installed software designed to leverage the laptop’s multimedia capabilities. These programs provide powerful tools for video editing and music production, making the laptop an excellent choice for creative professionals.

Additionally, the Vaio F Series includes media applications, such as VAIO Media and Vaio Care. VAIO Media serves as a centralized hub for organizing and accessing your multimedia files, offering features like facial recognition for photos and intuitive search capabilities. The laptop also comes with a dedicated button for launching the VAIO Media Gallery, which allows users to import photos and videos, and then add themes and soundtracks to create movies and slideshows. Vaio Care, on the other hand, helps users maintain their laptop’s performance through regular system checks and maintenance tasks, ensuring that the device runs smoothly over time.

Multimedia Enhancements

To further enhance the multimedia experience, the Vaio F Series includes Dolby Home Theater technology, which optimizes audio playback for a richer and more immersive sound experience. This is particularly beneficial when watching movies or listening to music, as it provides superior sound quality compared to standard laptop speakers.

The inclusion of PlayMemories Home software allows users to easily manage and edit their photos and videos. This application is particularly useful for those who enjoy working with multimedia content, as it offers straightforward editing tools and seamless integration with cameras and camcorders.

Productivity Tools

Beyond multimedia, the Vaio F Series comes with several productivity tools that help users stay organized and efficient. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is included, providing basic versions of Word and Excel. This allows users to perform essential office tasks without needing to purchase additional software immediately.

Enhancements and Bloatware

While the pre-installed software suite is generally beneficial, there are some applications that may be considered bloatware by users who prefer a leaner system. Programs like trial versions of antivirus software or third-party utilities can be unnecessary and may slow down the system. Fortunately, these can be easily uninstalled if not needed, allowing users to streamline their laptop’s performance to suit their preferences.

Is VAIO F Series Right For You?

In conclusion, Sony’s Vaio F Series stands out as a formidable option in the high-end multimedia laptop market. Its design and build quality are impressive, offering a sleek yet functional aesthetic. The display and audio capabilities make it ideal for multimedia consumption, while the robust keyboard and touchpad ensure a comfortable and productive user experience. Powered by the Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics card, the Vaio F Series delivers excellent performance across a range of applications, from gaming to professional tasks.

Connectivity options are comprehensive, with a variety of ports and unique features like TransferJet technology enhancing its versatility. While battery life can be a limiting factor during intensive use, it remains sufficient for typical everyday tasks and multimedia playback. The pre-installed software suite adds significant value, particularly for multimedia and creative users, although some may find the presence of bloatware a minor inconvenience.