ASUS Laptops Review: Read This Before Buying

asus laptops review

Whether you’re in the market for a high-end gaming laptop or a budget-friendly model, ASUS’s reputation for crafting devices that blend power, functionality, and aesthetic appeal is well-established.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about ASUS and guide you through its offerings to help you find a model that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Why Choose ASUS Laptops?

Design and Build Quality

ASUS laptops are a statement of style and innovation. Known for their robust build and sleek designs, ASUS laptops often incorporate unique features that set them apart. For instance, their dual-screen models exemplify how ASUS continues to push the boundaries of conventional laptop design.

These models offer enhanced multitasking capabilities perfect for professionals like video editors and financial analysts who need to monitor multiple streams of information simultaneously. Beyond the aesthetics, the build quality of ASUS laptops ensures they are durable and reliable, whether you’re using them in a high-stakes business environment or simply browsing at home.

Performance Across Price Ranges

One of the standout qualities of ASUS laptops is their ability to deliver consistent performance across various price points. If you’re looking for a premium experience, the ASUS Zenbook series offers top-tier performance that can handle demanding software applications with ease.

On the other end of the spectrum, ASUS provides numerous budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on performance for everyday tasks like web browsing, video streaming, and document editing. This commitment to performance at all cost levels ensures that whatever your budget, an ASUS laptop can meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Design and Build Quality

ASUS has cultivated a reputation for both innovation and quality. The company frequently pushes the envelope with distinctive design choices, such as the incorporation of dual screens in some models, which enhance productivity and multitasking capabilities, particularly for professionals in creative and technical fields. The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo, with its second screen above the keyboard, exemplifies this inventive spirit, offering users additional screen space without the need for external monitors.

Moreover, ASUS’s commitment to quality is evident in the materials and construction of their laptops. Metal chassis, precision-engineered hinges, and advanced cooling technologies are common across both high-end and more affordable models, ensuring durability and a premium feel even at lower price points. This dedication to design and build not only enhances user experience but also fortifies the brand’s standing in a competitive market.

Additionally, ASUS places a strong emphasis on-screen quality across its laptop range. High-resolution displays, exceptional color accuracy, and technologies like OLED and IPS panels ensure vibrant visuals and sharp details, making ASUS laptops particularly appealing to those who prioritize screen quality for both work and entertainment. This focus on high-quality displays aligns with ASUS’s overall commitment to providing a superior user experience in every aspect of laptop design.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor for many users, and ASUS laptops excel in providing long-lasting performance across their models. ASUS has focused on optimizing battery efficiency without sacrificing power, particularly in their ultraportable and gaming segments. For example, the ASUS ZenBook series is known for balancing high performance with energy efficiency, often offering up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, which is ideal for professionals and travelers alike.

In the gaming sector, ASUS ROG laptops, such as the ROG Zephyrus G14, have made significant strides in extending battery life beyond the typical expectations for high-performance gaming laptops. The G14 can deliver more than 10 hours of battery life for productivity tasks, a rare feat for a gaming-oriented device. This focus on battery life ensures that ASUS laptops are not only powerful but also versatile and mobile, providing reliable performance whether you’re near a power source or on the move.

Best ASUS Laptop Reviews

ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED

Zenbook 14 OLED (UX3405) displays opened from the front view.

The ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED is a standout in the realm of professional and creative computing. This ASUS Laptop model is equipped with an OLED display that provides exceptional color accuracy and contrast ratios, making it an ideal choice for graphic designers, photographers, and any professional who relies heavily on visual precision.

Powered by the latest Intel Core or AMD processors, the Zenbook 14 OLED doesn’t just excel in display quality but also offers robust performance that can handle multitasking and demanding applications with ease. The slim, light design and remarkable battery life enhance its appeal as a mobile workstation for professionals on the go with an excellent battery life. Overall, the ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED marries aesthetics with performance, making it a top-tier laptop for creatives and professionals alike.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

For a gaming laptop, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 offers an unparalleled blend of portability and power. Despite its compact size, the G14 does not skimp on performance, featuring up-to-date AMD Ryzen processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. This gaming laptop stands out for its incredible battery life, which is notably long-lasting for a gaming model, allowing for extended play sessions without the need for constant recharging.

Additionally, the design is both sleek and functional, with a dot matrix display on the lid that can display graphics or system information. This blend of high performance, innovative design, and portability makes the ROG Zephyrus G14 a top choice for a gaming laptop for gamers need serious power in a more compact and mobile form factor.

ASUS Chromebook Flip

Two ASUS Chromebook CM14 Flips are shown. The left one shows its screen in tent mode. The right one shows its screen and keyboard in laptop mode.

Targeted towards students and casual users, the ASUS Chromebook Flip exemplifies versatility and value. This device functions as both a laptop and a tablet, with a 360-degree hinge that allows for seamless conversion between modes. Its use of Chrome OS means the system is optimized for Google’s suite of applications and services, ensuring smooth performance and integration for tasks like document editing, web browsing, and media consumption.

The build quality is surprisingly robust for its price range, featuring an all-metal body that feels premium. With its affordable pricing and flexible design, the ASUS Chromebook Flip is an excellent option for users looking for a functional, everyday computer that won’t break the bank.

These models showcase ASUS’s ability to cater to a wide range of needs, from high-end professional use and hardcore gaming to flexible, budget-friendly options for students and casual users. Each model underscores the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction.

Comparative Analysis

Comparing ASUS with Competitors

When evaluating ASUS laptops against their competitors, it becomes clear that ASUS often stands out in terms of innovation, performance, and value. Let’s break down these comparisons across different categories to see how ASUS maintains its edge in the crowded laptop market.

Innovation: ASUS frequently leads with unique design elements like the ScreenPad and dual-screen systems, which are less common among competitors like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. These features not only enhance functionality but also appeal to a niche market of users who benefit from such innovations. For instance, the dual-screen ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo offers significant multitasking capabilities that are hard to find in other brands’ offerings.

Performance: In the gaming laptop space, ASUS’s ROG and TUF series often surpass competitors like Acer’s Predator and HP’s Omen in terms of thermal management and battery life, which are crucial for gaming performance. The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, for example, is a leader in its class, providing robust gaming performance in a more compact and portable form than many competing models.

Price and Features: When it comes to value, ASUS laptops typically offer a good balance of features and performance at various price points. The ASUS Chromebook Flip is a prime example, offering versatility and solid performance at a cost-effective price, making it a more appealing option than similar models from competitors like Google’s Pixelbook or Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook, which tend to be priced higher for comparable specifications.

User Experience and Software

Software Integration

ASUS laptops are renowned not just for their hardware but also for their seamless software integration. The user experience is often praised for its intuitiveness and customization options. ASUS’s proprietary software enhancements, like MyASUS, offer additional functionality such as system diagnostics, battery health monitoring, and fan control, all integrated into a user-friendly interface. Moreover, ASUS takes care to ensure that its laptops are compatible with a wide range of software and peripherals, enhancing usability across different user scenarios.

Customer Support and Warranty

Customer support is a critical component of the user experience, and here ASUS generally meets or exceeds industry standards. ASUS offers a variety of support options, including live chat, phone support, and a comprehensive online knowledge base that helps users troubleshoot common issues. The warranty terms for ASUS laptops are competitive, typically offering at least a one-year warranty on most models, with options to extend coverage for additional peace of mind.

Should You Buy an Asus Laptop?

ASUS laptops are distinguished by their innovative design, robust performance, and excellent value across a broad spectrum of markets and price points.

Whether you are a professional needing a high-performance machine, a gamer looking for portability and power, or a student seeking affordability and versatility, ASUS has a laptop to meet your needs. With its strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ASUS continues to be a leader in the laptop market.


What makes ASUS laptops unique?

ASUS laptops are particularly known for their innovative features such as dual-screen setups, touch-enabled ScreenPads, and robust software integration. These innovations cater to a wide array of market segments, targeting both niche professionals and the general consumer, setting ASUS apart in a crowded field.

What is the best ASUS laptop for money?

The best value for money in the ASUS lineup often comes from their mid-range models, like the ASUS VivoBook series, which offers solid performance and premium features at a reasonable price. For those with more specific needs, the ASUS Chromebook Flip provides exceptional versatility at a cost that is hard to beat, making it an excellent choice for students and casual users looking for a dependable yet affordable device.