Best Laptop for DJing

best laptop for djing

If you’re on the hunt for the ideal DJ laptop, you’ve landed in the right spot. At Laptop Navigator, we create expert laptop reviews to help you find the ideal model for your needs. There are many different DJ setups depending on the software and controller you decide to opt for. But no matter if you use Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, or even Virtual DJ, you’ll need a laptop that gets the job done.

In this guide, we’ll look at what makes a great DJ laptop and break down the list of the 6 best laptops to bring with you to the DJ booth.

What to Look for in a DJ Laptop

When choosing a laptop for DJing, there are several key factors you need to consider. The right choice can significantly improve your DJing experience. Here are the essential criteria to keep in mind:

Processor Power and Performance

The processor is the heart of your laptop, driving its overall performance. For DJing, you need a processor that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without lagging. A powerful CPU ensures that you can run DJ software smoothly, process audio files quickly, and manage live mixing without hitches. Look for laptops with the latest generation Intel Core i5, i7, or i9 processors, or their AMD equivalents.

RAM and Storage Needs

RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a crucial role in your laptop’s multitasking capabilities. For DJing, where you might need to run several applications at once, a minimum of 8GB RAM is recommended, though 16GB or more is ideal. Storage is equally important, as you’ll need ample space for your music library, software, and other files. Opt for a solid-state drive (SSD) for faster data access and improved performance.

Display Quality and Size

The display is essential since you’ll be looking at your screen quite a lot when mixing live. A larger screen provides more space for you to work with your DJ software interfaces, while higher resolutions offer clearer visuals. Look for laptops with Full HD (1920×1080) or higher resolution displays. If you can find a laptop with an OLED or IPS panel, you’ll enjoy better color accuracy and viewing angles, which can be particularly useful in different DJing environments.

Connectivity and Portability

As a DJ, you’ll likely be on the move, taking your laptop to gigs, studios, and events. Therefore, portability is key. A lighter, more compact laptop is ideal for travel. However, don’t compromise on connectivity. Ensure your laptop has a good range of ports to connect various peripherals like DJ controllers, audio interfaces, and external storage. USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI, and high-speed wireless connectivity are essential features to consider.

Top 6 Laptops for DJing

VAIO SX14 13th Generation w/512GB

(Credit: Vaio)

1. Vaio SX14 13th Gen

Best Overall for DJing

The Vaio SX14 is at the top of our list as the best overall laptop for DJing. Here’s a closer look at what makes it stand out:

  • Operating System and Processor: The Vaio SX14 operates on Windows 11 Pro, offering a familiar and efficient interface. At its core lies the Intel® Core™ i7-1360P Processor, boasting an 18M Cache and speeds of up to 5.00 GHz. This powerful processor is adept at handling complex DJ software and multitasking with ease, ensuring a smooth DJing experience.
  • Display and Graphics: It features a 14” FHD IPS Touch Display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, providing crisp and clear visuals. The integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics delivers excellent graphic performance, essential for running visually intensive DJ software and viewing high-quality waveforms.
  • Memory and Storage: With 16GB of RAM, the Vaio SX14 facilitates seamless multitasking, crucial for DJs who need to run multiple applications simultaneously. The 512 GB PCIe Solid State Drive offers ample storage space for extensive music libraries, samples, and software while ensuring fast data access and load times.
  • Design and Portability: One of the most striking features of the Vaio SX14 is its sleek design and portability. It is built to be lightweight and durable, making it an excellent choice for DJs who are always on the move. The ease of carrying this laptop to gigs and events adds a significant advantage.
  • Connectivity and Extras: The laptop is equipped with a range of connectivity options, including essential ports for DJ peripherals. The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner adds an extra layer of security, which is beneficial for DJs who store their creations and valuable files on the laptop. The HD camera also facilitates easy streaming or video conferencing.

The combination of high-performance hardware, sleek design, and user-friendly features makes the Vaio SX14 an unrivaled choice for DJs looking for a top-tier laptop in 2023. Its capabilities not only meet but surpass the demands of modern DJing, making it a worthy investment for both aspiring and professional DJs.

Top-down view of an open 13-inch MacBook Pro in Silver.

(Credit: Apple)

2. Apple MacBook Pro (M2 Pro Chip)

Best Apple Laptop for DJs

For those who prefer macOS, the Apple MacBook Pro equipped with the M2 Pro chip is an exceptional choice for DJs.

  • Operating System and Processor: Running on macOS, known for its stability and seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, this MacBook Pro is powered by the M2 Pro chip. This processor offers a remarkable balance of power and energy efficiency, ideal for running demanding DJ software and multitasking during live performances.
  • Display and Graphics: The MacBook Pro boasts a 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, enhanced by ProMotion technology. This screen not only offers a large workspace but also exceptional brightness and color accuracy, crucial for DJs working with high-resolution visuals. The integrated Apple 19-Core GPU ensures smooth graphical performance.
  • Memory and Storage: Equipped with 16GB of RAM, the MacBook Pro can handle multiple applications and large audio files without any lag. The 512GB SSD provides sufficient storage for a comprehensive music library while offering the speed required for quick access to tracks and samples.
  • Design and Build Quality: Apple’s MacBook Pro is known for its premium build quality and sleek design. The laptop’s robust construction makes it a reliable companion for DJs, even in demanding gig environments.
  • Connectivity and Sound Quality: This model features a range of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt ports and an HDMI port, which are essential for connecting DJ controllers and other peripherals. The six-speaker sound system with Spatial Audio offers an immersive audio experience, which is beneficial for both production and performance.
  • Battery Life and Portability: One of the most impressive aspects of this MacBook Pro is its long battery life, allowing DJs to perform multiple sets without worrying about power. While it is larger than some other options, its performance and screen size make it a worthy trade-off for many DJs.

The Apple MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro chip is a powerhouse, tailored for DJs who demand top-notch performance, a great display, and the reliability of macOS for their artistic endeavors.

(Credit: Amazon)

3. Acer Predator

Best for Performance

The Acer Predator emerges as the go-to laptop for DJs prioritizing performance above all. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Operating System and Processor: The Acer Predator runs on the Windows operating system, providing a familiar and versatile platform for a variety of DJ software. At its core is the potent Intel Core i7-13700HX processor, designed to deliver exceptional performance and handle the most demanding tasks in DJing.
  • Display and Graphics: It sports a 16-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600P, complemented by a 165Hz G-SYNC feature. This high refresh rate ensures a smooth and seamless visual experience, crucial for syncing with fast-paced beats and effects. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU offers top-tier graphic capabilities, making it perfect for video mixing and graphic-intensive tasks.
  • Memory and Storage: Equipped with 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a swift 1TB Gen 4 SSD, the Acer Predator provides ample memory for smooth transitions and quick access to software tools. The large storage capacity is ideal for DJs who have extensive music libraries and need immediate access to their files.
  • Design and Build Quality: The laptop’s design is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust, making it a standout choice for DJs who also value style. The per-key RGB lighting on the keyboard allows for customization, adding a personal touch to the DJ setup.
  • Connectivity and Additional Features: The Acer Predator boasts a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2 Gen2, and HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing easy integration with various DJ equipment. Additionally, features like NVIDIA Advanced Optimus technology and the PredatorSense software enhance its performance and user experience.
  • Cooling and Battery Performance: An advanced cooling system keeps the laptop running at optimal temperatures during intensive use, which is vital for DJs during long sets. While its battery life may not match some other models, its unparalleled performance capabilities more than compensate for this aspect.

The Acer Predator is perfectly suited for DJs who need a laptop that can keep up with their high-energy performances and complex software requirements.

Top-down view of Lenovo LOQ 16APH8 laptop with display on and white backlit keyboard

(Credit: Lenovo)

4. Lenovo LOQ 

Best Budget DJ Laptop

The Lenovo LOQ Laptop stands out as the budget-friendly choice for DJs, offering robust performance at a more accessible price point.

  • Operating System and Processor: Running on Windows, the Lenovo LOQ Laptop is powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13420H processor. This ensures that it can handle the intricate demands of DJ software and music production tools without straining your budget.
  • Display and Graphics: The laptop comes with a 15.6-inch Full HD display, featuring a swift 144Hz refresh rate. This not only contributes to a seamless and immersive DJing experience but also captures the nuances of every beat and melody with clarity. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card further enhances its ability to handle visually intensive tasks.
  • Memory and Storage: It is equipped with 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a capacious 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD). This combination allows for quick access to music libraries and applications, ensuring DJs can load tracks and perform tasks without delay.
  • Design and Portability: The Lenovo LOQ Laptop is designed with portability in mind, featuring a slim and lightweight build. This makes it an excellent choice for DJs who frequently travel to gigs or need a reliable laptop on the go.
  • Connectivity Options: The laptop offers versatile connectivity, including HDMI 2.0, USB-A 3.2, USB-C 3.2, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi 6E ports. This array of ports allows DJs to effortlessly integrate various equipment such as MIDI controllers and audio interfaces.
  • Cooling System: It includes an efficient cooling system, which is crucial for maintaining performance during long DJ sets and music production sessions.

The Lenovo LOQ Laptop strikes a fine balance between affordability and performance, making it an ideal option for DJs who are just starting out or those on a tight budget. It provides the essential features required for effective DJing and music production without compromising on quality.

(Credit: Amazon)

5. ASUS ZenBook Pro

Best for Versatility

The ASUS ZenBook Pro distinguishes itself as the most versatile laptop for DJs, offering a unique combination of features that cater to a wide range of DJing needs.

  • Operating System and Processor: The ASUS ZenBook Pro runs on Windows, providing a flexible platform compatible with various DJ software. It is powered by a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, ensuring robust performance for both music production and live DJing.
  • Dual-Screen Setup: One of the most striking features of the ZenBook Pro is its dual-screen setup. It features a primary 15.6-inch 4K OLED HDR Nano Edge display and an interactive 14-inch 4K touchscreen Screen Pad Plus. This innovative design allows DJs to manage multiple applications simultaneously, offering a significant advantage in terms of workflow and creativity.
  • Graphics and Memory: The laptop is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics, delivering smooth performance for visual-intensive tasks. The 16GB RAM and swift 1TB SSD provide ample memory and storage for demanding DJ software, large music libraries, and high-resolution audio files.
  • Connectivity and Build Quality: The ZenBook Pro includes an array of ports such as Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen Type-A, HDMI 2.1, and an audio jack, ensuring seamless connectivity with a variety of DJ equipment. It also meets the MIL-STD 810G military standard for durability, offering reliability and resilience in different performance environments.
  • Screen Pad Plus and Stylus Support: The secondary touchscreen, Screen Pad Plus, offers DJs an intuitive interface for extending their primary display, managing tools, or running separate music applications. The support for a stylus adds another layer of control, perfect for DJs who like to get hands-on with their music production.
  • Portability and Design: Despite its dual-screen setup, the ZenBook Pro maintains a sleek and portable design, making it a practical option for DJs who need a powerful yet mobile workstation.

The ASUS ZenBook Pro’s combination of a dual-screen setup, powerful processing capabilities, and versatile connectivity options make it an outstanding choice for DJs and music producers seeking a laptop that can adapt to various creative demands.

(Credit: Amazon)

6. HP Victus 

Best for Connectivity

The HP Victus Laptop is an excellent choice for DJs who prioritize connectivity in their setup. This laptop combines powerful performance with a wide range of connection options.

  • Operating System and Processor: The HP Victus operates on Windows, providing a familiar environment for various DJ software applications. It is powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12450H processor, ensuring reliable performance for music production and DJing tasks.
  • Display and Graphics: It features a 15.6-inch display with a 144Hz FHD resolution, offering DJs a visually immersive experience while mixing tracks. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card supports smooth visuals, which is vital for DJs working with video and high-resolution audio interfaces.
  • Memory and Storage: With 32GB of 3200MHz RAM, the HP Victus stands out in its ability to handle extensive multitasking and manage large music libraries without performance issues. The 1TB PCIe SSD guarantees fast loading times and ample storage for all your DJing needs.
  • Design and Portability: The laptop boasts a sleek design with a backlit keyboard, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality, especially in low-light conditions. Its portability is suited for DJs who need a reliable laptop for gigs and studio sessions.
  • Connectivity Options: The Victus shines in its connectivity capabilities. It includes a variety of ports such as USB-C, USB-A, RJ-45, and HDMI, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of DJ equipment like controllers, mixers, and external devices. The inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 adds to its versatility, allowing for seamless wireless connections.
  • Battery and Cooling: Equipped with HP Fast Charge technology, the laptop offers long battery life, an essential feature for DJs during extended sessions. Its efficient cooling system ensures that the laptop maintains optimal performance even under heavy usage.

The HP Victus Laptop is a formidable choice for DJs who need a machine that not only delivers in terms of performance but also offers comprehensive connectivity options to seamlessly integrate with their DJing ecosystem.