Best Laptops for Business

best laptops for business

Choosing the perfect business laptop for your team or yourself is a decision that can significantly influence productivity, mobility, and security. With an overwhelming array of options, finding the right balance between performance and practicality is crucial. To make your life easier, we’ve meticulously reviewed the latest in business laptop offerings and distilled our findings into a select list of top performers that meet the demands of the modern business world.

Business laptops are engineered to endure more than their consumer counterparts, often reflected in their price point. Yet, the investment is justified, as your business deserves the reliability, security, and efficiency that these top-tier laptops deliver.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Business Laptop

Performance and Productivity

With a business laptop, performance is non-negotiable. A laptop that can’t keep up with the demands of your work can be a major bottleneck. The heart of your laptop’s performance lies in its processor. Intel’s latest CPUs, such as the i7 and i9, and AMD’s Ryzen series, are designed for high-demand applications, offering a blend of speed and efficiency that can handle everything from spreadsheets to design software.

However, a processor alone doesn’t determine a laptop’s performance. RAM plays a crucial role in multitasking capabilities. For most business applications, 8GB of RAM is the minimum you should consider, but 16GB or more is recommended for more intensive tasks. Additionally, solid-state drives (SSDs) offer faster data access speeds than traditional hard drives, significantly reducing boot and load times. Look for laptops with at least 256GB of SSD storage, though 512GB or more is ideal for handling large files and applications.

Portability and Battery Life

The best business laptop is one that you can easily carry with you wherever you go. Weight and size are critical factors in this regard. Laptops that are light and slim are easier to pack into a briefcase or backpack, making them perfect companions for business travel or commuting. However, portability shouldn’t come at the expense of screen size and usability. A 13 to 14-inch screen offers a good balance between usability and portability.

Battery life is another key consideration for professionals on the move. The last thing you need is your laptop dying on you in the middle of a work session away from a power outlet. Look for laptops that offer a longer battery life of at least 8 hours of battery life under average use conditions, with many of the best models pushing beyond 12 hours on a single charge.

Durability and Security Features

Business laptops often lead a tough life, traveling from home to office, hopping on and off airplanes, and being used day in and day out. Durability is a must-have feature, with many business-grade laptops featuring rugged builds or military-grade testing certifications to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily use.

Security is another concern for business users. With the increasing threats of data breaches and cyber-attacks, a laptop with robust security features is indispensable. Look for laptops with built-in fingerprint readers, facial recognition capabilities, and hardware-based encryption technologies. These features not only protect your device but also ensure that your sensitive business data remains confidential.

Top Laptops for Business in 2024


Credit: Vaio

1. VAIO SX14

At the top of our list of the best business laptops, the VAIO SX14 stands out as a premier choice. Here’s why it’s especially suited for business tasks:

  • Optimized Processor for Business Tasks: The VAIO SX14 is powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, ensuring swift performance for business applications, from data analysis to graphic presentations. This processor guarantees that professionals can tackle complex projects without any lag.
  • Superior Display Quality: Featuring a 14” FHD IPS display, the VAIO SX14 delivers clear, vibrant visuals essential for reviewing detailed reports and designing marketing materials. Its crisp resolution ensures that every detail is sharp, enhancing productivity and design accuracy.
  • Ample Memory and Storage: With 16GB RAM and a 1TB PCIe SSD, the VAIO SX14 effortlessly handles multitasking and provides plentiful storage for extensive business files and software. The quick access speeds of the SSD contribute to a more efficient workflow.
  • Designed for Mobility: Its ultra-light design and robust build quality make it an ideal companion for business professionals on the move. Paired with an impressive battery life, the VAIO SX14 supports productive work sessions, irrespective of location.
  • Windows 11 Pro for Business: Running on Windows 11 Pro, the VAIO SX14 is compatible with a broad array of business tools and software, offering flexibility for various professional requirements. This OS enhances security and management features, beneficial for corporate environments.
  • Business-centric Features: Additional attributes like a fingerprint scanner for secure access and an HD camera for high-quality video conferencing augment the VAIO SX14’s utility, making it a well-rounded device for business users.

The VAIO SX14 embodies the ideal blend of performance, portability, and practicality, positioning it as a top recommendation for business professionals seeking a reliable, high-performing laptop in 2024.

Credit: Lenovo

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9)

Next on our list, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9) is a hallmark of reliability and performance for business users. Its features make it a formidable tool for those who demand durability, security, and efficiency in their work devices.

  • Tailored for Business Performance: Equipped with up to an Intel® Core™ i7 vPro processor, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon offers robust performance that can handle demanding business applications and multitasking with ease. Its vPro technology enhances security and manageability, particularly beneficial for IT departments.
  • High-Resolution Display for Detailed Work: The laptop comes with a range of display options, including a 14″ 4K UHD panel with Dolby Vision™ HDR, providing exceptional clarity and color accuracy for tasks requiring precise visual details, such as graphic design or data visualization.
  • Memory and Storage Solutions for Professionals: With configurations offering up to 32GB RAM and 1TB PCIe SSD, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is built to run complex simulations and store large volumes of data, ensuring smooth performance and quick access to information.
  • Engineered for the On-the-Go Professional: Its signature lightweight design, starting at just 2.49 pounds, combined with an impressive battery life of up to 20 hours, makes the X1 Carbon an excellent choice for professionals who need a reliable laptop for travel or remote work.
  • Windows 11 Pro Integration: The ThinkPad X1 Carbon runs on Windows 11 Pro, providing advanced features tailored for business use, including enhanced security, device management capabilities, and seamless integration with productivity tools.
  • Enhanced Features for Business Users: Lenovo has incorporated several business-oriented features, such as the ThinkShutter camera cover for privacy, a built-in fingerprint reader for secure authentication, and Wi-Fi 6 for faster, more reliable internet connections.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9) stands as a testament to Lenovo’s commitment to providing top-tier business laptops that do not compromise on performance, security, or portability, making it an excellent choice for professionals looking for a dependable and high-performing laptop.

Credit: Apple

3. Dell Latitude 9420

The Dell Latitude 9420 secures its position as a top contender for business laptops with its innovative features designed to boost productivity, security, and connectivity for professionals.

  • Advanced Performance for Business Applications: This model is powered by the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors with vPro technology, ensuring high-speed performance for all business needs, from data analysis to creative projects. The integration of vPro technology also enhances security and manageability for enterprise environments.
  • Vivid Display with Privacy Safeguards: The Latitude 9420 offers a 14-inch 2K touch display with an integrated privacy guard, protecting sensitive information from shoulder surfing. The high-resolution screen ensures crisp, clear visuals for detailed work and presentations.
  • Optimized Memory and Fast Storage: Configurable with up to 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD, it supports extensive multitasking and large-scale projects, providing ample space and speed for business applications and data storage.
  • Designed for the Modern Workforce: Weighing just under 3 pounds and featuring a sleek, durable design, the Latitude 9420 is built for mobility. Its impressive battery life, exceeding 15 hours, supports a full day’s work, anywhere.
  • Seamless Software Experience with Windows 11 Pro: Running Windows 11 Pro, the Latitude 9420 offers a seamless experience with business-grade security features, management tools, and compatibility with a wide range of professional software.
  • Connectivity and Security Features: Dell has equipped the Latitude 9420 with Wi-Fi 6E for the fastest available internet connection and a host of security features, including SafeShutter, the industry’s first automatic webcam shutter, which ensures privacy when the camera is not in use. Additionally, a fingerprint reader and smart card reader provide multiple layers of security for business users.

The Dell Latitude 9420 exemplifies the balance between innovative technology and practical features for business users, making it a standout choice for professionals seeking a laptop that caters to the demands of modern work environments with advanced security, performance, and portability.

Credit: HP

4. HP Elite Dragonfly Max

The HP Elite Dragonfly Max emerges as a great choice for business professionals prioritizing portability, performance, and conferencing capabilities. Here’s a closer look at its standout features:

  • Optimized Performance for Professionals: Powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processors, the Elite Dragonfly Max is built to handle intensive business applications with ease. It’s designed to deliver a smooth and responsive experience, whether you’re working on complex documents or engaging in data-intensive tasks.
  • Brilliant Display for Superior Visuals: The laptop boasts a 13.3-inch Full HD touch display that provides vibrant visuals and crisp clarity for all your projects and presentations. The high brightness and anti-reflective screen ensure great visibility in various lighting conditions, enhancing productivity.
  • Lightweight Design with Long Battery Life: Weighing just under 2.5 pounds, the HP Elite Dragonfly Max is one of the lightest business laptops, offering unparalleled mobility. Coupled with a long-lasting battery that supports up to 16 hours of usage, it’s ideal for professionals who are always on the move.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Features: What sets the Elite Dragonfly Max apart are its advanced collaboration tools, including a 5MP webcam for crystal-clear video calls, four wide-range microphones with AI-driven audio optimization, and Bang & Olufsen speakers, making it perfect for remote meetings and presentations.
  • Robust Security and Management: Running on Windows 11 Pro, the Elite Dragonfly Max provides comprehensive security features such as HP Sure View Reflect for screen privacy, HP Sure Start for BIOS protection, and a fingerprint reader for secure login. These features ensure that your data and privacy are well-protected.
  • Sustainable and Durable: HP doesn’t just focus on performance and security; the Elite Dragonfly Max is also designed with sustainability in mind, featuring ocean-bound plastics and a durable, magnesium chassis that meets various environmental standards.

The HP Elite Dragonfly Max stands out in the business laptop category for its blend of performance, portability, and enhanced conferencing features. It’s tailored for professionals who require a laptop that not only meets their productivity needs but also offers advanced tools for communication and collaboration, all while adhering to sustainability principles.

Credit: Apple

5. Apple MacBook Pro (M1/M2)

Closing our list of top laptops for business in 2024, the Apple MacBook Pro, powered by either the M1 or M2 chip, represents a leap forward in computing power and efficiency for creative professionals and business users alike.

  • Revolutionary Performance: The MacBook Pro’s M1 or M2 chip offers a massive leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance. This allows for faster rendering, smoother playback, and more efficient processing of complex tasks and applications, ideal for professionals in creative industries, programming, and business analytics.
  • Stunning Visuals on Retina Display: With its vibrant Retina display, the MacBook Pro provides incredible image detail and sharp text clarity, perfect for design work, video editing, and presentation creation. The True Tone technology adjusts the display to the ambient lighting for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Exceptional Battery Life: One of the most notable features of the MacBook Pro is its extraordinary battery life, offering up to 20 hours of use on a single charge. This endurance allows business professionals to work through the day without worrying about finding a power outlet.
  • Built for Portability and Durability: The MacBook Pro’s sleek design and solid build quality make it both a portable and durable device. Its lightweight aluminum body is easy to carry, making it suitable for professionals who are frequently on the move.
  • macOS for Productivity and Security: Running on macOS, the MacBook Pro offers a seamless and intuitive user experience, with robust built-in security features and compatibility with a wide range of professional software and applications. The integration with the Apple ecosystem enhances productivity, especially for users who already use other Apple devices.
  • Advanced Connectivity and Audio Features: With its studio-quality microphone array and six-speaker sound system, the MacBook Pro delivers crystal-clear audio for meetings and presentations. Thunderbolt ports offer fast data transfer, charging, and connectivity options for external displays and devices.

The Apple MacBook Pro, with its M1 or M2 chip, sets a new standard for performance, battery life, and display quality in the business laptop market. It’s an excellent choice for professionals who require a powerful, efficient, and versatile laptop for their work, offering the reliability and innovation that Apple is known for.